Personal Injury ($1,475,000.00)

A 53 year old long haul truck driver fell down an open staircase in a gas station convenience store, causing injuries to his back and an aggravation of his prior left ankle condition. As a result, he required two back surgeries and four ankle surgeries including an ankle fusion. This result was obtained in collaboration … Continue reading Personal Injury ($1,475,000.00)

Sustained Injuries $351,000.00

The 39 year old petitioner in this workers compensation claim sustained injuries to both wrists and elbows due to cumulative trauma from vibrating machinery. He was unable to return to his career in road maintenance, but he was able to return to work full time as a truck driver. The case was settled based on … Continue reading Sustained Injuries $351,000.00

Personal Injury ($645,000.00)

A 70 year old retired woman with significant pre-existing arthritis in her spine was injured in a rear end automobile accident.  The driver of the other vehicle had the minimum amount of liability coverage allowed by Illinois law, but the plaintiff also had underinsured motorist coverage.  As a result of the injury, the woman suffered … Continue reading Personal Injury ($645,000.00)

Personal Injury ($500,000.00 )

The defendant ran through a stop sign in a residential area and t-boned the 52 year old plaintiff’s vehicle.  The plaintiff had significant pre-existing spinal stenosis which was asymptomatic prior to the collision.  After treatment with epidural steroid injections failed, he ultimately needed a two level cervical fusion surgery.  He was able to continue working … Continue reading Personal Injury ($500,000.00 )

Workers Compensation ($335,000.00)

In this workers compensation claim, the 47 year old petitioner was a teacher who injured her shoulder carrying a disabled student, and ultimately developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).  The parties disputed whether she could return to her teaching job, or would need to find a new job with a lower salary.

Personal Injury ($425,000.00)

As a result of a head on collision, the plaintiff sustained multiple injuries resulting in surgeries to the left knee and left arm.  The defendant’s insurer initially denied liability, claiming that the accident was not caused by the defendant’s negligence.