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Auto and Truck Accidents

Have you been involved in a truck or auto accident? Don’t be a statistic!

Did you know that truck and auto accidents are a leading cause of death around the world? In fact, road traffic crashes rank as the leading cause of death for individuals aged 15-29. They’re also the second most common death for people aged 5-14 worldwide. On average, around 1,000 people per day (globally) die from complications directly related to being in an auto or truck crash. Millions more are injured and left without their primary mode of transportation.

Don’t Give Up

Here at Bingham Law, we believe that you should be able to receive fair compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve faced as part of your accident. We have experience helping people just like you recover as much as possible, and can help you put this accident behind you so that you can move on with your life. Even if the other motorist is underinsured (or uninsured), we can help!

Whether you’re looking for help with insurance claims or are looking to recover medical costs, we at Bingham Law can aid you in your legal journey. Insurance coverage issues are a strong point for us, and we’re ready to exhaust every avenue to ensure that you’re given the compensation you need to move on.

Vicarious Liability

In most auto and truck traffic accidents, the first order of business is determining which individual is at fault. This is usually one of the motorists directly involved in the accident – but sometimes, that is not the case.

There are certain situations where someone who wasn’t behind the wheel can be considered legally at fault for an accident. One such situation is that of an employee who gets into an accident while on-the-clock and performing job duties. If you find yourself in a car accident with someone driving a company vehicle or on the way to do something for their job, then it’s worth noting that their company might be legally responsible for the accident. This might help up your chances of a successful recovery!

The above situation falls under something known as “vicarious liability”. Other circumstances where this might apply include a child driving the family car, and individuals driving someone else’s car with permission. In these cases, the parent/guardian and owner of the car, respectively, might be held legally responsible for the accident rather than the actual driver.

Contact us today to find out how to go about seeking recovery from these kinds of auto and truck accident cases!

Underinsured and Uninsured Drivers

Unfortunately, not everyone who drives holds insurance. Sometimes even if they do hold insurance, they’re not carrying enough of a policy to cover the damages that you incur in the course of the accident. This can significantly hold up the recovery process, or even halt it altogether. Don’t let that happen!

The lawyers at Bingham Law understand how insurance works, and they’re excellent at finding any and all available liability coverage. They can help you ensure that your insurance pays up when it’s supposed to, and that you receive fair compensation for your experience and damages.

If you find yourself in an auto or truck accident with an at-fault individual who is either underinsured or uninsured, you’ll have to file a claim with your own insurance holder. They might be very good at denying your claims and claiming that there’s nothing they can do, or even offering you a settlement for much less than you’re entitled. Contact us today and let us help you maximize your net recovery.

Maximizing your Net Recovery

At [NAME], we focus the majority of our attention on ensuring that our clients receive the highest net recovery amount possible. We understand the complexities of insurance law, and are able to go toe-to-toe with even the largest of insurance providers.

If you’ve been injured in an auto or truck accident, you might be able to recover any of the following:

  • Lost income from missing work.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Medical treatment expenses.
  • Emotional distress.
  • Loss of enjoyment.
  • Property loss.

While the above isn’t an exhaustive list, it’s a good start when it comes to determining what you can attempt to recover and how much you might be able to expect to receive. With the right representation, you can start seeking your compensation and move one step closer to moving on with your life.

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If you find yourself in an auto and truck accident situation, it’s important to move as quickly as possible to help maximize your recovery. Contact us today and take advantage of our experience in insurance policy law. We’ll do whatever we can to help you, and your family, recover physically, mentally, and financially.

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