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Elgin Train Injuries And Accidents Attorneys

Train injuries make headline news. When they occur, the results are usually disastrous and often deadly. Excessive train speeds, train operator negligence, inattentive conductors and failure to use proper care can result in serious personal injuries, including accidental death, amputation and other catastrophic consequences.

As a pedestrian, auto driver or passenger, or train passenger, if or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a train collision or derailment, you need representation by train accident lawyers who are capable and experienced in handling complicated personal injury cases. At Bingham Law, we pride ourselves on being a highly respected personal injury law firm with significant experience representing victims of train accidents.

Don’t get hurt twice. To discuss your railway accident injuries, contact us today and schedule a consultation.

Handling Serious Train And Railway Injuries

At Bingham Law, our law firm is experienced in assisting clients from negligent or careless train operation. We know that state and federal regulations regarding the configuration of railroad (RR) crossings are often overlooked by careless railroad companies. Our trial lawyers know that in these types of cases, the railway can, in some cases, be forced to pay attorneys’ fees and punitive damages to our clients. Recovering punitive damages or attorneys’ fees, however, requires an experienced attorney who knows the Illinois statutes, regulations and procedures applying specifically to railroad misconduct.

Whether you were injured riding the “el,” CTA, Blue Line, Metra train or other railway, a train injuries and accident lawyer at our established and reputable Elgin law firm can give you the benefit of significant experience investigating and preparing for litigation or settlement cases against common carriers, who have a duty to keep passengers and the public safe.

We Can Help You Seek The Compensation You Deserve

If you or a member of your family has been seriously injured in a railroad, commuter train, or elevated train accident and desire a train accident lawyer who has years of experience fighting insurance companies and large corporations over coverage and liability issues, please call Bingham Law at 888-695-9822 or contact us online. Our railroad accident trial attorneys serve clients throughout the Elgin metropolitan area.

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