Auto Accident ($1,372,500.00)

A retired, 71 year old woman was involved in an automobile accident resulting in severe fractures to her upper right arm and left hip. The fractures resulted in surgeries to install an artificial humeral head, and an artificial hip joint. She also developed a severe foot drop condition, causing a subsequent fall and wrist fracture.

Auto Accident ($870,000.00)

A 47 year old father of five was killed in a head on collision. The vehicle that the man was driving when he died was loaned to friends of his by an automobile dealership whose insurance carrier paid the limits of its available coverage to settle the claim. The carrier initially denied coverage, claiming that … Continue reading Auto Accident ($870,000.00)

Personal Injury ($1,450,000.00)

A 53 year old long haul truck driver fell down an open staircase in a gas station convenience store, causing injuries to his back and an aggravation of his prior left ankle condition. As a result, he required two back surgeries and four ankle surgeries including an ankle fusion. This result was obtained in collaboration … Continue reading Personal Injury ($1,450,000.00)

Auto Accident ($797,800.00)

An unemployed 43 year old woman developed back and leg pain following an automobile collision which caused moderate damage to her vehicle. A dorsal column stimulator, and eventually a morphine pump, were surgically installed in order to treat her pain.

Auto Accident ($8,370,000.00)

A pregnant, 33 year old woman sustained a shattered pelvis in a head on collision caused in part by an oncoming police officer who stopped his car suddenly. The baby survived following an emergency C-section, and sustained major brain damage. The majority of this settlement was paid by the police officer’s employer. This result was … Continue reading Auto Accident ($8,370,000.00)

Sustained Injuries $351,000

The 39 year old petitioner in this workers compensation claim sustained injuries to both wrists and elbows due to cumulative trauma from vibrating machinery. He was unable to return to his career in road maintenance, but he was able to return to work full time as a truck driver. The case was settled based on … Continue reading Sustained Injuries $351,000

Power Line Injury ($1,600,000.00)

A 26 year old male painter was kneeling on the roof of a work site when he contacted a 7,200 volt electrical line operated by Exelon , causing 2nd and 3rd degree burns, traumatically-induced pancreatitis, and diabetes. He continued working as a painter for the same employer after recovering from his injuries.

Personal Injury ($645,000.00)

A 70 year old retired woman with significant pre-existing arthritis in her spine was injured in a rear end automobile accident.  The driver of the other vehicle had the minimum amount of liability coverage allowed by Illinois law, but the plaintiff also had underinsured motorist coverage.  As a result of the injury, the woman suffered … Continue reading Personal Injury ($645,000.00)

Personal Injury ($2,700,000.00)

A 41 year old male railroad worker sustained disk herniations at multiple levels of his cervical spine, resulting in five surgeries. He was injured when operating a defective device while working. This result was obtained in collaboration with another personal injury law firm.